IGOLDENOF medical furniture to share medical furniture maintenance skills

  Wooden medical furniture is widely used in the working environment of the hospital, so it is necessary to maintain and maintain well if you want to prolong its service life. Today, guozhijing medical furniture for us to share wooden medical furniture in the maintenance and maintenance of what methods and skills, let’s take a look at it!
  1. Use special solid wood furniture cleaner to clean and remove traces caused by residues.
  2. Use the light wax of pure wood furniture to wax. After using special cleaner, the wax that must have small part place also is washed, besides undertake waxing for these small part at this moment, also want waxing for whole furniture, do regular maintenance.
  3. Clean soft cotton cloth is often used to dust solid wood furniture in the hospital; Because everyday dust can conflict real wood furniture surface, day accumulate night tired, wear and tear degree can be bigger and bigger, also affect beautiful. Dust removal can be used to wipe dry wet cotton cloth, wet cloth in addition to reduce the friction with furniture surface, but also reduce the ability of electrostatic adsorption dust.
  We also maintain the medical furniture twice a quarter. After wiping clean solid wood furniture surface with clean soft cloth, leather fabrics can use special leather cleaner or glazing agent even besmear brush surface, reoccupy later clean soft cloth wipe evenly clean. Textile fabric cleaning and maintenance should be provided with methods to avoid the impact of fabric shrinkage after washing.

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