How to Design an Impressive Reception Area?

The reception area of your hospital is the first point of contact for most patients and staff. We recommend selecting a hospital reception desk based on your hospital’s traffic level. In addition, a reception desk offering spacious and ample surface space for patient records, admission forms and other important documents is ideal. For a medium-sized reception room, we recommend a reception desk that can accommodate two hospital staff and provides ample work surfaces. You can easily create an efficient hospital reception room using our selected desk. If your hospital has a large capacity, we recommend considering a modular reception desk that can be operated by multiple staff.

The reception area is usually your best chance of making a good first impression. There are several practical considerations to consider when planning a reception area, including space considerations, pricing and the number of guests that need to be accommodated. However, you should also consider the overall appearance of the reception area and whether it will attract your guests and make them feel at home. We put these suggestions together to design a custom reception area that will wow your guests from the moment they step inside.

Make it easy to clean

On busy days (or inclement weather), the reception area can get dirty quickly. Avoid cleaning snow or mud every few minutes by providing stylish but still easy-to-clean elements. Place carpeting near the entrance to prevent the slippery floor and provide umbrella racks and coat racks to store guests’ wet coats.

Leave plenty of space

The cluttered reception area depicts an unprofessional and unwelcome business. Ensure adequate movement space for guests and staff. Since the reception desk is the hub of the reception area, you need to take special care to ensure that there is enough space around it.

To make it comfortable

Guests can use your reception area for more than just waiting for a meeting. Others may find they wait longer than they planned and see it as a convenient place to get work done. That’s why it’s important to keep comfort in mind when designing reception areas.

There are a range of comfortable chairs on hand, as well as tables for guests to spread out their equipment or papers. You may also need to provide a coffee maker, bottled water, granola bars or other light refreshments.


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