What should be paid attention to in hospital furniture design?

Are you searching for commercial quality solutions for your hospital or clinic? Healthcare furniture, also known as medical office furniture, is designed specifically to assist staff and ensure the comfort, safety and health of patients. These options are also great for hospitality areas and waiting rooms in hospitals and clinics, behavioral and dental offices. Healthcare furniture includes doctor office seating, behavioral health sofas, bariatric furniture, patient beds and furniture, medical cabinetry,

With the development of modern medical technology, people gradually began to pay attention to the functionality of medical furniture and the design of the space environment of hospital buildings.

How to design and what principles need to be followed?

-A good piece of medical furniture must be stable, strong, and shaken. The hospital has more and more people with poor health. Compared to Jian

Kang people, the furniture they use puts more emphasis on safety. The patient’s response is not as sensitive as that of a healthy person.If a table is broken, a healthy person

Can respond quickly to avoid falls, but patients often fail to do so, which may cause safety issues.

Medical furniture is closely related to human health. Green environmental protection should be the primary criterion for evaluating qualified medical furniture. Procurement of medical furniture

The first consideration should be the environmental protection of furniture. When designing furniture, we must start from product design, material selection, production, transportation, installation, and use.

Consider the environmental friendliness of the product through its life cycle until it is scrapped.

Medical furniture must meet the requirements of humanization.The first step is to carry out ergonomic design, which must meet the requirements of doctors and patients.

Demands, such as changing the corners and corners to rounded corners, designing armrests for patients to stand up, etc. At the same time, they need to be more coordinated and safe.

Satisfying functionality is the primary factor in furniture design.The functional design of furniture includes physical function design and spiritual function design.


Material functional design refers to medical furniture as a material product to meet the basic functions of sitting, lying, relying, and storing.

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