hospital office furniture design

As is known to all, the hospital office furniture design is a design activity, so it must also have to follow the principle of design, the beautiful, economical and practical is applicable to all general principle in the hospital, office furniture, office furniture and hospital design different from that of other design, such as architectural design and visual communication design, so the hospital office furniture should have its particularity, In general, the hospital office furniture should be in accordance with the requirements of the human ergonomics to guide, to conform to the human nature design, avoid the design continuously, people in the use of the process of strained, fatigue, anxiety, and accidents, and starting from the concept of design, to follow a certain design concept, reflects the social and cultural, in addition to this, Hospital office furniture should also follow the requirements of technology materials, mechanical principles and mechanics to guide the shape, movement, structure, size and processing of parts and components of office furniture, so as to avoid unreasonable design.

In the process of hospital office furniture design, hard to avoid encounter all sorts of contradictions, such as the function and form of contradiction, the contradiction between art and technology, product design and product marketing, the contradiction of the design ideal and the contradiction of the market, which requires the designer according to their own judgment to use correct thinking to office furniture design correct processing efficiency, market, Psychological, physical engineering, art, material, shape, function, technical art and many other problems, reasonably designed a popular hospital office furniture. This is to correctly deal with the demand of the market, the change of lifestyle, consumption idea of progress and people’s demand, and on this principle, the hospital office furniture can choose a few simple appearance, but can be mass produced and modelling is monotonous, but has higher use value, the material is widely used by material and lower cost.

The aesthetic of hospital office furniture has the characteristics of mass aesthetic, fashion has become the main aspect of furniture aesthetic. Design to show the characteristics of The Times, to conform to the fashion, with The Times to adapt to the changes in the market. Under the precondition of the sustainable utilization of resources to realize the sustainable development of industry, so the furniture design must be considered to reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy, and considered the product life cycle, product recycling of outcast, consider the production, use and waste after the environmental impact of such issues, in order to realize the sustainable development of the industry. Furniture products are closely related to people’s life, and the design is based on this principle. Although the design of hospital office furniture reflects the result of furniture products, there are many problems in the design process. Therefore, designers must approach design from a systematic, holistic perspective.

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