Hospital obstetrics and gynecology medical furniture design

  With the development of society and medical and health undertakings, people have put forward higher requirements for the medical environment. People’s demand for the use of medical furniture has developed from meeting the single functional needs to meeting the needs of different people in the use of medical treatment, rehabilitation and even life. Obstetrics and gynecology is one of the four major disciplines of clinical medicine, mainly studying the etiology, pathology, diagnosis and prevention of diseases of female reproductive organs, physiological and pathological changes of pregnancy and childbirth, prevention and treatment of high-risk pregnancy and dystocia, etc. Obstetrics and gynecology are generally divided into gynecology and obstetrics.
  Medical furniture design for obstetrics and gynecology:
  Modern obstetrics and gynecology medical space environment design need to configure the multi-function service area, including independent office, engineering room, propaganda, baby-friendly lactation rooms, equipped with production inspection room, fu inspection room, bath room, mix milk room of newborn babies, the operating room, hou ZhenQu different functional partition and garden, need according to different functional service configuration of different medical furniture, In the use of materials, design, color, technology and production standards and other requirements are not the same.
  For example, the delivery room should be equipped with fresh air filtration system, central air conditioning, labor waiting room, to protect the privacy of maternity, prevent cross-infection set up independent delivery room. In order to relieve maternal tension, the main color of the waiting room is warm pink.
  In terms of color, the color of obstetrics and gynecology medical furniture can be composed of social and environmental colors by the relationship between people and furniture, people and people, people and the environment. The color of medical furniture tends to be more emotional than the form and material. Its symbolic role and emotional impact on people, far more than shape and quality.Because color has active and attractive appeal, it can affect people’s emotion prior to form.
  Radian and curve as the design elements of maternity medical furniture, with the help of shape changes to express full, relaxed, perceptual, elegant, flow, soft, natural and other visual sense. And circular arc curve can not only build a space to accord with feminine temperament soft and beautiful feeling, increase the modelling feeling of the space, consider from psychological Angle to enhance the effect of people’s sense of security.
  Light source and modelling to match colors overall design, lighting design also want to consider safety factor and light pollution, to prevent dazzle light, for maternal and the treasure jade is sensitive to artificial light, strong, easy to stimulate an eye, too little will cause visual fatigue, avoid direct light, because most of the light by indirect light, can make whole space has a soft and warm atmosphere.

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