Furniture configuration of obstetrics and gynecology clinic

  Furniture configuration of obstetrics and gynecology clinic:
  Gynecological outpatients are prone to adverse psychological state due to diseases or other factors to a certain extent, so the design and layout of the clinic should be considered in terms of the difference from the ordinary clinic. The gynecological examination room should pay more attention to the protection of patients’ privacy. In addition, there are more operation behaviors in the examination area, and cleaning and pollution zones should be done well.
  The medical definition of obstetric patients is not actually a patient, but a group of women in a specific physical activity, they do not have any disease, but also need to enter the hospital for diagnosis or treatment, so they need more hospital environment and doctors, nurses for their psychological comfort.
  Consultation area: set up a consultation table, equipped with doctor’s workstation, film viewing lamp, etc.
  Examination area: set gynecological examination bed, treatment car, wash basin, etc. Due to more gynecological examinations, specimens need to be retained, sample tables should be set up for specimen temporary storage.
  Obstetrics and gynecology is an advantageous department, which needs to optimize the design and configuration of a series of large equipment and medical furniture. Maternity medical furniture in addition to the function of medical services, to pursue young, fashion, environmental protection and healthy psychological needs of new mothers as the starting point, the use of simple, modern design techniques, to create a happy, relaxed and comfortable medical environment. In the design of obstetrics and gynecology furniture, the use of some warm thematic design, can make in Our country to vigorously implement the family planning policy, a lifetime may enter a maternity room for women to leave an unforgettable impression, this is the medical institutions for “maternity” this special group of humanistic care.

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