Hospital furniture | Medical furniture

Hospital furniture refers to a series of furniture with particularity that is suitable for the indoor and outdoor of the hospital and conforms to the operating standards of medical staff. This series of hospital furniture includes doctor’s office chair, nurse’s station, medical floor hanging cabinet, medical locker, Chinese and Western medicine, fetal monitoring chair, etc. Its specificity is to meet specific sanitary and operational requirements.

Hospital furniture, this word is a new concept appeared in 2011, is also the standard word of the hospital furniture industry. It is segmented due to market demand.

Until the 1980s, the furniture of the medical system was not much different from that of ordinary furniture. With the development of medical technology in the 20th century, people began to pay attention to the function of hospital furniture and the design of indoor and outdoor space environment construction. At that time, European and American countries first paid attention to the functional development of hospital furniture, and then from the 1990s, the industry related to hospital furniture in China also began to emerge. However, by 2013, there are not many professional hospital furniture enterprises in China that can fully consider the overall hospital health process and meet the operating standards of medical staff to design functional hospital furniture. Until 2013, only a few enterprises, such as EME Yimei, had done well in China. In the overall design of hospital furniture, designers should not only consider the chemical effect of the contact between drugs and furniture, but also take into account the habit of both doctors and patients to use hospital furniture. For example, if a patient wants to stay in the hospital for a long time, the hospital furniture does not harm the patient’s health in the first place. Secondly, it must be firm in structure, ergonomic for patients to take items, simple and generous in shape, elegant and warm in color, which can be integrated with the hospital space to create a comfortable atmosphere for medical staff and patients.

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