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The maintenance of hospital furniture is very important at ordinary times, especially leather furniture used for a long time, so it will become old without light. So how can make the hospital furniture perfect and tidy as before, this lies in a maintenance. The maintenance of hospital furniture is simple and simple, and it is difficult to say, depending on what method you use and what hospital furniture you use. Generally, the hospital furniture we buy is divided into solid wood furniture, leather furniture and cloth clothing furniture according to the material. Because of the difference of its material, the maintenance is not the same, among which the buckwheat of solid wood and leather furniture appears purple. These methods seem simple, but we should pay attention to matters in daily life. Whether it is county hospital furniture to do regular maintenance is necessary, and it does not take much time. What should be avoided is to avoid rabbits, so that the life of hospital furniture will be longer.

Solid wood furniture should not be exposed to strong sunlight for long periods of time. Can cause moisture content maladjustment otherwise, furniture surface produces crack, be out of shape. Because summer sunshine is intense, often the word of eye pressure woodiness furniture is easy to crack. In addition, occasionally for the hospital furniture on the wrong, can keep bright as new, but not too diligent, because the wooden furniture itself will secrete mistakes, if you play too often it is easy to make the substance of the hospital furniture itself secreted. In the summer hospital furniture maintenance should also pay attention to the wind star when sweating, because there are electrolytes in the sweat, easy to cause damage to wooden furniture.

Of coriaceous furniture maintain and woodiness furniture same, that avoids direct sunlight namely. Summer hospital furniture maintenance do not let leather furniture for a long time in front of the air conditioning, otherwise the original soft hospital furniture is very easy to change. If you want to use detergent on leather furniture, do not use it.

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