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Customized hospital furniture must conform to the characteristics of the hospital environment, especially the hospital guide table and nurse workstation. The hospital guide and nurse’s workstation is one of the features of the hospital and the advantages of the hospital in the design and layout. Today, the National Landscape medical furniture manufacturer xiaobian will introduce the key points of customizing the hospital guide and nurse’s workstation.

1. Table top: made of medical artificial stone; The material thickness ≥1.2cm; Meet high standards of environmental health requirements such as hospitals.

2, cabinet: SECC double-sided electrolytic steel plate of Baosteel, steel plate thickness ≥0.7-1.0. At the same time, the steel plate conforms to the RoHS non-toxic requirements of the European Union. Carbon content 41*103, manganese content 20*103, phosphorus content 21*103, yield 213MPa, tensile 348MPa, elongation 39%.

3, spraying: the surface of the steel plate adopts environmental protection indoor type epoxy resin electrostatic powder spraying, coating film thickness is uniform, coating thickness 60-80um, after high temperature leveling, curing and other processes, so that the corrosion resistance and impact resistance of the plastic-sprayed coating is higher than the national standard, the adhesion of the coating reaches level 2. Surface spray powder color beautiful; It has the technical characteristics of environmental protection, antibacterial, rust prevention, corrosion resistance, high insulation, strong adhesion, friction resistance and so on. Spraying using line spraying, avoid human factors affect the processing accuracy, resulting in quality differences between products; The powder meets the RoHS non-toxic requirements of the European Union.

4, process: the whole use of resistance welding process, no exposed welding spot. Cabinet put oneself in another’s position should be closed roof, to strengthen the mesa, cabinet put oneself in another’s front door and drawer gap between 1.0 1.5 mm, between cabinet put oneself in another’s border width is 2.5 cm, adopts the design of double doors, door plank of embedded technology, cupboard door opened the Angle of 90 degrees, and there a stiffener, improve the service life of the door, activity layer board quadrilateral bending, are free to adjust the height, The lamella hook is 2.0 thick and can be removed freely. The height can be adjusted step by step. The lamella stiffener can withstand 50KG. Adopt concealed type roll edge handle, bend into one shape. Cabinet door built-in magnetic suction function, and cabinet body fit more closely. Cabinet door adopts the door shaft connection mode, and the door shaft connection piece is 4.0mm.

5. Configuration: The nurse station is composed of three pumping cabinets, main cabinets and keyboard racks. The whole section is equipped with a private slot, such as: data line, power line, telephone line, etc., safe to use, easy to repair and clean.

6, hardware: brand blade swivel tongue lock, the lock key repetition rate is low, the mutual opening rate is less than 1/1000, exquisite production technology, beautiful appearance. The guide rail adopts DTC medical three ball guide rail, material Q235 strip steel, pull freely, the drawer can place 45KG load weight.

7, cabinet base adopts 1.0mm SUS304 stainless steel baseboard, than the front end face of the cabinet indented size of 23mm, 100 mm high, no foot feeling when operating, in line with the principle of human engineering.

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