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1. Start quoting low prices

Prices are constantly increased in production. Some small workshops and hospital furniture manufacturer has this kind of thing, began to budget in order to undertake engineering, doing all they can, especially in the owners don’t understand the hospital furniture customization, deliberately calculate contact more production cost of the project, increase the production requirements of the project cost even said production is difficult, which will add money.

2. Project subcontracting

Production quality can not be guaranteed, and even add prices. Some furniture manufacturers to undertake their project, factory will take their deserved profit, then the sub-contract to other factories or production team, if the manufacturers began to offer low, manufacturers feel earn too little, will try various means to price, plus project, cut corners, shoddy, with inferior material and will appear in the production of a lot of stalling phenomenon. Shandong country furniture reminds everyone, the price is particularly low manufacturers must be careful there are tricks, do not be pit.

Shoddy goods

Using inferior materials or cutting corners. Now the hospital furniture industry competition is very big, some hospital furniture manufacturers in order to be able to contract more projects, with cheap, inferior materials to reduce the production budget, so that the owners mistakenly think that the manufacturer’s quotation is very cheap, or began to promise the production with good materials, the results of the actual production of stolen materials.

4. Pretend to be a manufacturer

Some production teams pretend to be regular hospital furniture manufacturers to attract owners with low price. Shandong Guozhijing Furniture Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the customization of hospital furniture for many years, focusing on reputation and winning service, never cheating customers, promising that the project will not be subcontracted, the production will not add items or prices, and all materials will be made with domestic superior materials. Short period of time, do not move, quality assurance. Internet companies custom-made hospital furniture the cheaper the better? At present, it is very popular to choose customized hospital furniture in the market. At the same time, there are a lot of customized hospital furniture companies in the industry to choose from. Different customized prices of hospital furniture also have great differences.

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