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Traditional hospital environment cannot satisfy the public’s physiological and psychological need, therefore, the modern hospitals must have a good hospital environment, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the medical market, but is not only the hospital exterior decoration luxury, but to make the hospital indoor environment more convenient patient, let them have a real psychological relax, to strengthen their confidence to fight, As well as improve the work efficiency of doctors, shorten the time to cure patients, relieve the pressure of patients’ families, is conducive to adjust the progress of doctor-patient relationship.

Hospital interior design must be people-oriented, to create a comfortable and pleasant diagnosis and treatment environment, which is the product of modern social progress, to meet the needs of most people on the medical environment, therefore, the principles and ideas in hospital interior design should be given more attention and attention.

Firstly, the conceptual design is carried out from the patient’s psychology

To reduce the number of hospital has formed in people’s heart fear, cold feeling, to create a modern hospital should have a brand new image, it must integrate the interior environment of hospital and unified planning, to build a safe, warm and feeling to patients, patients can not only get professional treatment, and can get better on the visual and psychological relief.

Secondly, design from the perspective of hospital administrators

From the perspective of hospital administrators, in the hospital must be in the design of building indoor environment to meet the functional requirements for the first condition, makes the streamline organization rationalization and let each function space in the efficient and orderly operation state, use new technology, new material for hospitals to reduce energy consumption, which is the most basic principle of hospital building indoor environment design. In terms of the atmosphere created by the indoor environment, humanization and artistry are the icing on the cake on the basis of realizing its management efficiency, and also the finishing touch of hospital construction from the technical level to the spiritual level.

Thirdly, design from the point of view of hospital users

In the hospital, interior design, to the service tenet of “all for the patient”, under the premise of meeting the medical function requirement, create a warm, comfortable, clean and safe medical space full of cultural connotation, for example, from the outside into the hospital the hall, and then in turn into the waiting room, office, room, etc., each space environment to adapt to the patients with different psychological needs, To reflect the humanistic care of the hospital.

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