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Medical furniture, as the name implies, refers to the furniture in the medical space, mainly including medical guide table, diagnosis and treatment table, hospital bed, instrument cabinet, etc. Nowadays, medical furniture is no longer a simple demand, procurement, installation, put into use, but the hospital overall planning, market positioning, to meet the psychological needs of doctors and patients and other elements of the system engineering.

The basic guidelines of green medical furniture planning should start from green environmental protection guidelines, people-oriented and comfort guidelines, including user discussion, data selection, human body planning, inclusive planning, collaborative planning, service planning, etc. In-depth planning of medical furniture brand planning strategy. Each detail is then discussed in depth, including surface treatment and overall perspective. Medical furniture strictly according to ergonomic planning should not only consider the physiological conditions of the human body under static conditions, but also pay attention to the human body under physiological conditions.

In addition, the planning of medical furniture should follow the green environmental protection criteria. It should seek medical treatment to raise furniture itself not only pollution medical treatment environment, still ask and environmental harmony, emphasize furniture should accord with the physiology of mankind and idea, answer with factitious this. Various technical means and artistic skills reflect the humanistic value of medical furniture from the aspects of shape, data, color and so on, and plan the humanized green medical furniture.

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The configuration and layout of medical furniture should follow the principle of “people-oriented”, fully consider the needs of medical staff and patients, and rationally divide the treatment space of patients and the working space of medical staff. On the basis of flexible utilization of clinic space, effectively divide patients’ visiting and doctors’ working areas. The diagnosis and treatment bed is scientifically customized according to the height of children, with high density and high rebound sponge filling, easy to lie down and not deformed; Printer and display screen are placed on the right side, in line with the right hand operation habits of doctors, greatly improve medical efficiency, optimize hospital medical quality.

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