Five principles of nursing station design

  Nurse station workbench is a nurse’s office, is an important window for patients to register, consult, deal with business, not only is the “transportation hub” of the ward, but also plays an important role in the nursing unit. Therefore, for hospital construction, the design of the nurse station workbench is also very important, not only to meet the functional needs of both doctors and patients, but also to improve the visual beauty. The following are five principles for the design of the nurse station table:
  1. High and low platform design
  The design of the high and low table of the nurse station mainly meets the functional needs of both doctors and patients. The high-level form design is not only convenient for patients and their families to consult and write, but also can block the nurses’ working computers, documents and other items. The lower surface is designed for patients sitting in chairs or wheelchairs to consult and talk. General high-level table height is 1.1m, low-level table height is 0.75-0.8m.
  2. Barrier-free design
  The barrier-free design of nurse station workbench is mainly for the consideration of patients’ humanization, combined with human body gongcheng, which can not only facilitate the normal use of wheelchair for patients, but also allow patients to have a comfortable knee space when sitting.
  3. Intelligent design
  The intelligent design of the workstation of the nurse station is mainly to perfectly combine the intelligent device with the design of the nurse station to effectively improve the work efficiency of nurses. For example, the computer display device is lifted (turned over), which is conducive to computer storage and patient information protection. The embedded design of intelligent LCD screen can realize the real-time propaganda, inquiry and guidance of information; Wireless charging device, convenient and quick charging, clean table; The embedded call system can effectively improve the efficiency of nursing work.
  4. Standard design
  Modular design of nurse station workbench modularizes the whole product, which is more convenient for assembly, handling and after-sales. Orderly hidden wiring and hanging access door, can easily repair the fault; The movable file cabinet can be adjusted at will, making the nursing station more comfortable and flexible.
  5. Innovative design
  The innovative design of nurse station workbench is mainly reflected in the innovation of appearance design. Common appearance shapes are U, L, O, straight and so on. These shapes are simple and suitable for general departments. But there is one special group of people in hospitals, and that is children. Pediatric nurse stations can have more innovative designs, such as castles, animals, sailboats, etc., combined with children’s favorite shapes, to design different appearances, so that small patients have a desire to explore in the hospital environment…

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