Effects of wood grain painted steel wallboard and its comparison with wall decoration materials

  Wood grain steel wall plate of the lacquer that bake, as a kind of interior wall material, the product of scraping resistance, fire prevention, environmental protection, moistureproof, prefabricated piping installation, go line, antibacterial and no radiation performance is more and more get the welcome of designers and customers, is a good choice alternatives to traditional wall materials, the current domestic commercial and public Spaces are mainly concentrated in the choice of metope adornment material: Wallpaper, gypsum board, stone, aluminum board, aluminum plastic board, fire board, anti – special board and other products. But in a lot of problems in the process of using, for example: the impact of the plasterboard poor performance and wet homework, stone radioactive and security, the inevitable problem color, aluminum expensive and metope empty drum, aluminum-plastic plate of fire prevention performance, times of plate deformation resistance, etc., are in the process of using constant disturbance.
  Main components and description of steel wall panel:
  1, base: hot melt galvanized steel plate: thickness: 0.6/0.8mm, anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment;
  2, surface: high voltage electrostatic powder spraying, 7 automatic pretreatment technology before spraying, to ensure the strength and smoothness of the coating; If used in the machine room requirements are not high, you can also choose pre-coating surface; In some places requiring grain can also choose: cloth texture, leather texture, stone texture, wood texture, etc.;
  3, core material: 12mm gypsum board/aluminum corrugated board, core material main functions:
  A, keep the elevation smooth;
  B. Increase the impact strength of wall panels;
  C, avoid cavity generation, knock no empty drum sound.

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