Color steel plate types and introduction

  Color steel sandwich panel is composed of two layers of color coating steel plate as the panel, with thermal insulation materials such as polystyrene, polyurethane, phenolic foam, rock wool as the core material, in a special automatic production line, the continuous forming process will be the core material and panel composite into a whole building plate, commonly known as “sandwich panel”. This kind of composite plate while the introduction of the history of our country is less than 20 years, but due to its characteristics of bearing, heat preservation and heat insulation, decoration, waterproofing, easy construction and a series of advantages, so in the construction of clean room has been widely cognitive and use, posed a challenge to traditional architecture materials such as brick, become a new building materials industry.
  Color steel sandwich panel core material according to the chemical composition of its products can be divided into two categories, namely, one is organic chemical foam materials, such as polystyrene foam EPS, polyurethane foam PU, extruded polystyrene foam XPS, phenolic foam PF, etc.; Another kind is inorganic fiber material, such as rock wool board, foamed cement board.
  1, polyurethane foam color steel sandwich board PU
  Polyurethane foam color steel sandwich board is made of flame retardant rigid polyurethane foam as the core material and color coated steel plate as the surface material. At present, the domestic metal surface rigid polyurethane sandwich board is widely used in industrial plants, warehouses, stadiums, civil houses, villas, movable board houses, combined cold storage and other buildings, but the disadvantage is that it is carried out under the condition of high temperature and strong alkali reaction, which requires high equipment, large initial investment and difficult to industrialization.
  2, polystyrene foam color steel sandwich plate EPS
  Polystyrene is the white foam we often see, this kind of color steel plate is cheap, water resistant, not deformation, most of the mobile houses on the site are built with polystyrene sandwich board, widely used, but polystyrene foam sandwich board is not fire, the insulation effect is the worst.
  3, phenolic foam color steel sandwich panel PF
  Phenolic foam color steel sandwich board is a composite board with color steel plate as surface material and phenolic foam as core material. Phenolic foams are brittle, fragile and corrosive, and the residual acid in foams can corrode metal materials.
  4, rock wool color steel sandwich plate
  Rock wool color steel sandwich plate, fire performance is good, but rock wool color steel plate is not waterproof, toxic substances in case of fire, pollution is large.
  5, paper honeycomb color steel sandwich board
  Paper honeycomb sandwich board can completely recycle waste, is the replacement of polystyrene board, polyurethane, rock wool and other materials, widely used in electronic, hospital operating room, laboratory and other clean engineering fields, but poor waterproof effect, the price is more expensive.
  6, aluminum peak socket sandwich plate
  Aluminum honeycomb color steel sandwich plate, it is made of aluminum honeycomb core plate, using special high strength glue and color steel plate composite, and by special aluminum alloy keel support, after heating, pressure, curing and made. Compared with other sandwich board, light weight, flatness is good, belong to green environmental protection building materials, but the cost is the highest.

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