Children’s hospital furniture design

Children is not the same as adults, the body is in the middle of a growth of children, body is not mature, easy to let the body due to the effect of external damage, which led to the children’s hospital furniture appliances to use different with adult furniture, safety consideration is necessary, it is reflected in the children’s hospital in furniture design, After all, many furniture manufacturer is first designed the corresponding product drawings, and then according to the relevant drawings, select the appropriate materials for processing, a: how’s furniture design, furniture produced the finalized after how style is, so to attach importance to this aspect of the design, to meet the use of the children patients need.

Children’s hospital furniture design, mainly to take into account the characteristics of children themselves, such as active, like running around, such as easy to knock against and so on. Accordingly, when designing furniture, should reduce sharp furniture edge horn as far as possible, in order to avoid children bump. On the choice of material, should use a few softness is better, at the same time more durable material. If can use some plastic material to replace woodiness material to wait a moment.

In general, when designing, we should consider the security of furniture use. In the design of children’s hospital furniture, we should not only pay attention to its style, its design, but also pay attention to the use of environment-friendly and healthy materials to ensure the safety of children patients.


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