Briefly introduce the materials used for medical furniture

  Speaking of medical furniture, we believe that the characteristics of the first thought is environmental protection, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, a hospital desk, we will encounter 3.5 times of drug erosion every day. This hospital furniture generally has certain attention to the selection of customized materials, including the following four kinds:
  Medical furniture is made of wood or other non-wood plants as raw materials, separated into various unit materials by certain mechanical processing, and glued or not glued with adhesives and other additives. Mainly including plywood, particlewood (scraps) board and fiberboard and other three categories of products.
  Broadly speaking, all natural stone texture, known as “marble”; To spot – based, known as “granite”. Because he has harder intensity, have the characteristic such as very good fire prevention, wear-resisting, anticorrosion, apply widely at furniture mesa use.
  Furniture made of solid wood sawn wood or solid wood board with finished surface; Or solid wood veneer or veneer (veneer) is used on this kind of base material, then the furniture that undertakes besmear processing. Solid wood board is to point to the solid wood that the wood such as gathering wood or woodworking board forms through secondary processing kind of material.
  Steel is steel ingot, billet or steel made by pressure processing of a certain shape, size and properties of the material. Most steel processing is through pressure processing, so that the processed steel (billet, ingot, etc.) produce plastic deformation. According to different steel processing temperature, can be divided into cold processing and hot processing two. The furniture industry is mainly used in steel pipe and cold rolled steel plate.

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