Basic Design Principles of Medical Furniture Nurse Station (1)

  The nurse’s station is very important for the overall hospital furniture. This area includes the work of staff and consultation of patients, and it requires 20 hours of someone on duty. Therefore, we must choose furniture according to the hospital’s own situation when we configure this furniture. The most basic principles of nursing station design are rationality, standardization, safety and hygiene, so as to achieve a more ideal use effect.
  Introduction of medical Nurse station:
  Nurse station, called the nurse table, also called the nurse’s desk or desk. English: Nursingstation. The nurses’ station is the big front desk that we see directly after entering the outpatient door of the hospital. Represents the image and grade of a hospital or medical institution, to achieve the concept of a kind and elegant.
  Amiable and elegant is the purpose of the design of the nurse station, and strive to be in harmony with the environment, so that indoor users and people around should feel practical and warm. The design should be novel and generous, the layout reasonable and practical. The shape and color should be specially designed according to the environment and architecture.
  Design principles of nurse station:
  The design of the nurse station is mainly for the consideration of patients. On the one hand, it gives the patients psychological response to relieve pain, and the two can make the patients actively deal with the negative impact of the condition. Therefore, the following three principles must be followed:
  1, reasonable nursing radius, convenient to take care of each ward.
  2, line of sight, convenient to observe the nursing unit in each ward activities.
  3. Good ventilation and lighting.
  In the nurses’ station, full consideration should be given to the placement of medical equipment and items, as well as the relative privacy and aesthetics of this area. Reserve storage facilities for nurses’ stations; The storage space of the nurse station is increased, while the area of the nurse station is reduced, and the working area of the nurse station is increased.

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