Application of Steel Partition System in Inner Wall of Hospital

1、Are of good quality

Select pre-painted steel plate as raw material. The main material is pre-painted steel plate, the surface is firm and linear, the surface PVC thermal film can be customized according to the needs of different departments in the hospital, adapt to different occasions, the overall appearance is beautiful, the look and feel are no less than the effect of traditional wood; It conforms to the requirements of the material used for the inner wall of the hospital building. Through the analysis of the main physical performance indexes of the pre-painted steel plate and ordinary hot-rolled galvanized steel plate in this project (Table 1), it is not difficult to find that the tensile strength and yield point of the pre-painted steel plate are increased by 8% and 10% respectively, ensuring the excellent use quality of raw materials.

High fire resistance of raw materials: The main material is steel plate. According to Appendix B (Table 2) of “Code for Fire Prevention of Building Interior Decoration Design GB 50222-95 (Revised edition 2001)”, its fire resistance grade reaches GRADE A, while other traditional building materials belong to B1 and B2, which cannot reach this grade. Ensure the use of the environment in case of fire and other accidents will not cause serious adverse consequences; It conforms to the requirements of the third point of the material for the inner wall of the hospital building. The production process of industrial mass production is adopted (Figure 3), and the whole process is automatically controlled: As long as the corresponding geometric dimensions of the products to be processed are input in the supporting information system, all automatic control is realized from raw materials into the production line, punching, pressing, shearing and other processes in the intermediate process to the output of finished products, which reduces the instability and other human factors brought by manual operation, and fully ensures the processing quality. Comply with the requirements of the second point of the material for the inner wall of the hospital building.

2、Covers an area of

Due to the special characteristics of steel partition, which is different from traditional materials such as “large stiffness and convenient disassembly”, the thickness of its cross section can be 10.9cm, which is obviously thinner than the traditional “page rock brick masonry + aluminum skeleton + double anti-beite plate”. The average thickness reaches 24cm. The obvious shortage of third-class a hospitals leads to overcrowding of patients, and there is a great contradiction between the inherent number of beds and the actual demand. Adding beds becomes a normal way to solve this contradiction, which has a very positive reference significance. Taking 3 ward buildings of Dingqiao Hospital in Hangzhou as an example, using steel partition can effectively reduce the thickness of ward wall and increase the effective area by about 300m2.

3、Time limit for a project

The processing area is not on site, not subject to site conditions, all products can be installed within 2~3 months, the traditional construction method is not comparable at all. Installation process of steel partition system: positioning and wiring → fixed matching earth keel → fixed vertical keel → fixed horizontal support keel → finished steel hanging plate installation → cleaning and protection of finished products. As shown in figure 4.


Compared with a common interior wall system with the same function (masonry of shale brick + aluminum frame + double-layer anti-beite plate as an example), the overall cost can be reduced by 30%.

The comparative study of the materials used in the maintenance structure of the hospital laboratory with similar structure proves that PVC coil floor + color steel plate ceiling + color steel plate partition is the most suitable combination of the decoration of the highest score medical laboratory. In addition, according to the national standard GB 50333 — 2013, the evaluation indexes and contents are set. The list comparative analysis method is used to evaluate several kinds of materials available for the decoration and decoration of clean operating room. PVC coil floor, sandwich color steel plate ceiling, sandwich color steel plate partition is the best material scheme for the decoration and decoration of clean operating room. The related comprehensive cost-performance analysis content of the above two points also synchronizes the rationality of the above views.

5、Green environmental protection

Each department in the hospital, according to the size of the business volume, development prospects and other unknown factors need to constantly adjust the internal layout to meet the needs of the medical situation, steel partition can be removed and reused, basically does not produce construction waste, very consistent with the current adhere to the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development.

6、Fabricated construction

In line with the relevant national policy requirements of assembly structure: promote the qualified government investment projects to take the lead in demonstrating the application of new building industrialization; At least 30 percent of government-subsidized housing projects will be built by means of new industrialization every year, and the proportion will increase year by year. Schools, hospitals and other public buildings should give priority to prefabricated construction technology; We should popularize prefabricated concrete, steel structures and other building systems suitable for industrial production, accelerate the development of prefabricated and assembly technologies in construction projects, and raise the level of technological integration in building industrialization. We will support the development of industrial bases integrating design, production and construction, and carry out demonstration trials for industrialized buildings.

7、To improve the

Through the test, the two layers of steel partition system are filled with gypsum board and sound insulation cotton, and the sound insulation effect is basically similar to that of ordinary single layer of brick masonry inside wall. In addition, there is a problem of attenuation effect on wireless signal transmission. The steel partition system is not perfect. Due to the reason of the material itself, the main defect is reflected in the attenuation effect of the steel plate on wireless signal transmission, which needs to be compensated by increasing the layout of AP, which will cause the corresponding increase in the cost of the project. The design thickness of the steel plate of this system is 8mm, and the thickness of the steel plate can reach 10-12mm in the operating room of general hospitals. By comparison, it is obvious that the rigidity and impact resistance of the operating room partition (such as the deformation caused by the impact under unconventional circumstances) are superior to the internal wall of such structural buildings. This is also one of the directions that the system needs to be improved and perfected in the future.

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