Anesthesia Trolley

Generally, the bottom frame of massage bed includes wooden frame, iron frame, stainless steel frame, and aluminum alloy frame. Generally, the cost of wooden frame is relatively high, followed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel frame. Among them, the iron frame is relatively affordable, and the fastness is also reliable. The disadvantage is that after a long time, the paint will fall off and the joint will open. The stainless steel frame is recommended to be used in places such as bathing, rubbing the back or having water, and it is not easy to rust even if the moisture is high and the humidity is high. The iron frame looks very smooth, and it is not easy to rust, and it is easy to weld into a strong one, but it is not as rust resistant as stainless steel in a place that is too wet. The massage bed of the solid wood bed frame is also highly reliable and offers a higher grade, but due to the higher cost, the price is also higher.