3 Things Your Medical bed provider Probably doesn’t want you to know!

  Buying a hospital bed or any medical equipment is a long and arduous process – you have to find the right supplier, get all the information you need, set a budget, place an order, conduct quality checks and, finally, get your order into your hospital. What your staff thinks about beds and how patients react to them are two things you haven’t touched on yet. All this, just to buy a simple hospital bed.
  If you don’t have a great relationship with your ICU bed manufacturer, you may never discover many trade secrets. Here are some things that no hospital bed provider will tell you publicly:
  1. You are entitled to product warranty, warranty and maintenance services.
  Several providers will probably tell you that they can only provide a regular hospital bed. That is, any given product should have some kind of value-added service attached. In most cases, this service is provided as a maintenance or warranty period. Look at it this way – if the manufacturer trusts her product, she will give you a lot of guarantees and guarantees. If she didn’t believe it herself, she wouldn’t have given it to you.
  Some sellers may sell warranties and maintenance as attachments; You can buy it too.
  2. You have a ton of options to choose from, even if it doesn’t seem that way.
  Most buyers make this mistake the first time. They look at the cheapest option and seek it out. The right way to do this is to get quotes from multiple ICU bed manufacturers and then determine the basis for comparison based on your needs. Don’t just look at the lowest price; If you have to invest a lot of money to maintain it, it may be more expensive than you think.
  3. If you order in bulk, your single cost will go down. This is common sense and economies of scale.
  Finally, it makes sense to buy them if you believe you will expand your capabilities in the future. That way, the bigger your demand, the smaller the single price ideally.

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