Medical furniture structure can improve patient safety!

  No matter in drugstores or hospitals, people can see the existence of different kinds of medicine cabinets, which display different kinds of drugs, very convenient for drug sales, customers can also clearly see the placement of all kinds of drugs. In order to ensure the quality of medicine cabinet, it is very important to choose the material, to ensure safety. Next, let’s take a look at the medicine cabinet.
  First, the medicine cabinet is made of wooden materials
  Medicine cabinet as a widely used furniture in hospitals, wood materials must be considered in the selection of production materials. Because wood has a longer life, it can be affixed with a PVC cover to prevent dampness, moth and corrosion. However, it should be noted that such materials can not be placed in a damp space to avoid the occurrence of fire.
  Two, choose stainless steel medicine cabinet
  For the choice of medicine cabinet, generally can consider the use of stainless steel material, it is resistant to steam, water and air and other weak corrosive medium of stainless steel material, can still play their own advantages under high temperature material. Therefore, the use process of medicine cabinet with such material will be safer, and it can be suitable for the storage of all kinds of drugs.
  Three, with corrosion resistant material
  If you want to choose the right medicine, it is necessary to consider the basic material of the medicine cabinet. Because medicine is expensive as a storage space for drugs or chemical reagents. Therefore, the composition of the medicine cabinet needs to have some anti-corrosion properties, and it is best to have strong acid and alkali resistance to achieve a certain use effect, to ensure the safety of experimental supplies and chemicals.

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