Wood grain paint steel wall panel should have several characteristics

  In recent years, wood grain painted steel wall panels are widely used in hospital interior decoration materials, which will inevitably lead to uneven quality. If the quality can not be identified, it will bring a lot of quality risks in the later period. summarized the following points to share with you:
  1. The raw material of steel plate is hot-melt galvanized steel plate. The corrosion resistance of hot-melt galvanized steel plate is good.
  2, backing material can choose 12mm gypsum board or aluminum corrugated board, if the gypsum board its fire performance will be better, if the use of tile board its light weight, convenient installation.
  3, the surface spraying adopts high voltage electrostatic powder spraying, the coating thickness is more than 40um, the surface is smooth, the pencil hardness is more than 2H;
  4, production process, the steel plate flexible processing molding before automatic spraying; Before spraying, the surface of the steel plate should be cleaned and silane.
  5. The composite glue of steel plate and backing material adopts environment-friendly two-component composite glue to avoid long-term oxidation and falling off, resulting in empty drum, uneven and other quality problems.

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