What is the definition of medical furniture proofing?

What is the definition of medical furniture proofing? Many people are not very clear about furniture proofing. Many people think that customized hospital furniture only needs to be provided to the manufacturer. In fact, it is not so, but the manufacturer needs to make proofing first, so that it is convenient for everyone to view and understand, and according to the actual situation to make a detailed introduction:

Medical furniture proofing refers to the reduction of real furniture according to the design drawings, the quality must be guaranteed, and the subsequent mass production of intelligent office furniture in the hospital can only be better than the first sample. Maybe someone will say that now CAD drawings can fully show the real state of the product, as long as there is no problem confirmed by CAD drawings can be mass produced.

In fact, the quality of furniture in addition to the design ability of the office furniture factory itself, but also to see the actual production capacity, will only be an armchair general is not always winning the general, so the quality of hospital furniture can not but from the drawings, the best design and rough work to make is also a failure.

The meaning and importance of medical furniture proofing through the above I believe that you have a clear understanding, a manufacturer without rich experience even if they get the best drawings may not produce beautiful intelligent office furniture, this is why the same product on the market will appear in different forms of one of the reasons. We can’t see from the appearance of office furniture factory whether it has strength, but we can judge by the products they actually produce. As the saying goes, mules pull out and walk, and we can know that the production of the first sample of hospital furniture often represents the state of quantity of products.

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