What do you know about hospital wainscoting?

  What are the benefits of clapboard?
  ● Durable: the wallboard is made of the whole wood processing, the vast majority of varieties, hard and dense material, strong corrosion resistance, high compressive strength and flexural strength. Wear-resisting, fight loss far better than common coating and wallpaper.
  ● Noise reduction: wood acoustic properties, effective reflection and absorption of sound. As a result, the parapets diffuse the noise, effectively buffering the impact of the heavy bass.
  ● Warm in winter and cool in summer: wood itself is a poor conductor, the room with dado will be warm in winter and cool in summer, and because the wood itself can adjust the air temperature of the room, to achieve obvious energy-saving effect.
  ● Health and environmental protection: because it comes from natural wood, itself does not contain formaldehyde, surface coating countries also have standardized industry standards and strict regulatory system, but also make home more environmental protection.
  ● Adjust humidity: wood characteristics, dry climate, wood internal moisture release; In humid climates, wood absorbs water from the air. Wainscoting regulates the humidity of the room to some extent by absorbing and releasing water.
  Wainscoting can be used in any space in the house
  Only rational use can give full play to its practicability. In different area, according to those who use a function is different, need chooses different protect wallboard, the requirement on its form, height also has curiouse each.

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