What aspects should be considered in medical furniture customization?

  Hospital furniture is roughly the same as ordinary office furniture, but it is distinguished from office furniture. If your hospital’s medical furniture is well equipped, this can also be a factor in the success of the hospital. The opposite is also true: if your overall hospital furniture is organized in a haphazard way, it will not look layered.
  Obviously, the overall collocation and configuration of hospital furniture is particularly important, so it is necessary to find professional hospital furniture manufacturers to develop the overall scheme design and collocation. In general, hospitals are usually divided into three areas, a quiet area, a bright area and an action area. The application of each area is different, and the corresponding medical furniture is also different.
  Standard configuration of hospital furniture:
  One is a quiet area dominated by the inpatient department, away from Windows, with relatively low light and low noise to accommodate beds and lockers.
  Secondly, the bright area is mainly composed of various departments, treatment rooms and testing rooms. It’s near the window and the light is bright. Suitable for examination and treatment, used for hospital tables, chairs, bookcases and examination equipment;
  The third is the field of action. In order to access the channels of various departments and wait for inspection, in addition to free walking activities, infusion sofas and waiting chairs can be placed in this area.
  Hospital office furniture is usually divided into the following categories:
  Desks and chairs the doctor, the doctor table, desk, the nurse station, seating, transfusion chair, ark of treatment, disposal of ark, medicine cabinet level ward (VIP room furniture, furniture furniture inspection department, the tooth section office furniture, furniture of otolaryngology, nursery furniture, dirty room furniture (classification) dirty tank (classified garbage ark), supply center of furniture, medical cabinets, medical BanGui, Dressing room furniture (medical storage cabinets, shoe cabinets), medical functional table, medical bed (medical bed, examination bed, nursing bed, nursing chair). Its specificity is to meet specific health and operational requirements.
  Hospital office furniture configuration scheme:
  When configuring hospital office furniture, you must fully consider your actual needs. The layout of the hospital’s office furniture should also match.
  Office furniture in hospitals can also be classified according to the materials: wood, steel, plastic, ABS and all kinds of upholstered office furniture. According to the structure, it can be divided into plate medical furniture, plug-in medical furniture, folding medical furniture, scaffolding medical furniture, modular hospital furniture, etc.
  The disposition and selection of hospital office furniture should first consider the nature of the room. For example, the inpatient department should have a bed. If the inpatient unit is used for daily living, dining tables and lockers should be provided. After determining the nature and purpose of the room, choose the configuration from the size, style, color, texture and shape of the hospital office furniture. When choosing hospital office furniture, we should pay attention to the needs of the overall environment, and regard the hospital furniture as a part of the overall environment.

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