What are the qualities of qualified hospital furniture?

  With the change of The Times, we no longer just buy finished hospital furniture when choosing hospital furniture. In order to create a better hospital environment and bring more comfort and convenience to doctors and patients, more and more hospitals will choose appropriate furniture, but right
  There are also advantages and disadvantages in customized hospital furniture, so from what aspects can we see that the quality of customized hospital furniture is good? Next, let’s learn about it with IGOLDEN furniture.
  1. Appearance: First of all, the appearance design of the customized hospital furniture is selected by the hospital itself, so we need to check whether the appearance design of the customized hospital furniture meets our requirements, and whether the surface paint is smooth and flat
  There are bubbles and folds and other phenomena. Once there are these bad phenomena, it shows that the quality of customized hospital furniture is not good enough. Therefore, it is necessary to negotiate with the manufacturer in time to avoid the loss of their own interests.
  2, process > no matter what product its production process is directly affects the quality of the product, so for customized hospital furniture we also need to pay attention to check its production process, such as whether the connection of the customized hospital is firm and stable enough to shake
  The hospital furniture, if there is shaking and abnormal sound, then it shows that the production process is not very fine, so there will be some quality problems, so such hospital furniture also need to negotiate with the manufacturer in a timely manner.
  3. Manufacturer: Actually, whether hospital furniture is good or not is directly related to the manufacturer. After all, there are many hospital furniture manufacturers on the market, and not all of them are based on zen, so we need to pay attention to their hospital furniture when we customize hospital furniture
  When choosing a manufacturer, we must pay attention to its reputation and reputation, and we must make a field visit to check whether its production process is standardized, so as to intuitively see the strength of the hospital furniture manufacturer and ensure that qualified hospital furniture can be customized.

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