What are the process elements of high-end office furniture?

In high-end office furniture process language elements in the “point”, “line”, “face”, “body”, “quality” closely associated with the overall quality of specific products, if the office furniture products have a certain flexibility and lively, and harmonious sex, in terms of creative design and production process can’t ignore the process objectively exists in the form of language. Therefore, the combination of “point”, “line”, “surface”, “body” and “quality” of the creative design process language must be “balanced”, and the need to integrate with the product function, so as to highlight the harmony and aesthetic value of office furniture products as a whole.

Office furniture product “dot” and “line”, “face”, “body”, “quality” of the five elements formed in the whole “layout” in the actual use environment “visual rhythm”, when the “five elements” out of balance in terms of overall layout, will be the office furniture products appear drab, as dry as a chip and even loss of products shall have the spiritual, even can have a negative impact on people’s psychology.

The balance of “point”, “line”, “surface”, “body” and “quality” of office furniture products is reflected in the static balance and dynamic balance of the visual perception of the product.

The static balance of office furniture product process mainly refers to the sharp edges and corners of the product, as well as the shape up and down around clear symmetry, “point”, “line”, “surface”, “body”, “quality” at a glance, the lack of aesthetic feeling, the lack of fun products, and even rigid.

And the curve of dynamic balance is mainly embodied in the product surface, curve surface form a streamlined can bring the experience of soft feeling, erase the stiff visual feeling, and in the product of the “point”, “line” and “face”, “body” and “quality” aspect to achieve the balance of rhythm and in tension, make the product more clever, had the characteristics of vivid, lively, It not only presents beauty but also brings positive and healthy psychological impact.

In short, the core of high-end office furniture is not only the symbol and aesthetic value, but also the measurement of aesthetic value, and take into account the use function of the product, as well as the high integration and balance of ergonomics and product form. Office furniture products “point”, “line”, “surface”, “body”, “quality” process language elements are such a highly integrated and balanced form language.

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