Waiting for the chair | hospital furniture

Lately, studies and research have shown the influence of the environment on the wellbeing of patients and staff in the health sector. Some of the results have shown the importance of thought through design and its effect on wellness and healing.

Public places, such as healthcare facilities, are designed for the public, for us. They are full of stories and meanings. They mean different things to different people, and we all have our experiences from them. Although we cannot control what the experience for everyone is, we can do our best to improve the environment it takes place in as it can play an important role in healing and wellbeing.

We create modular seating for hospital waiting areas to fit the needs of today’s medical environments. The design makes it easy to clean with antibacterial surfaces, providing a hygenic, safe and reliable hospital environment. This modularity gives you the flexibility and freedom of design and the ability to re-configure the installation into new shapes quickly to adapt to the new distancing requirements of these days. The biophilic design of the acoustic leaf lamp gives a calm and stress-reducing waiting experience. Adding interior dividers separatea and leavea space for privacy when needed.

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