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Make a great first impression by furnishing your reception area with comfortable office guest chairs. It’s important to pick comfortable seating for visitors to help make waiting less tedious. Select different guest chairs to accommodate varying preferences and make the waiting room visually interesting. Browse the large inventory of office furniture at Staples to find a varied selection of waiting room and reception chairs.

Choose different types of office guest chairs for the waiting room

Consider space and the guests visiting the office when selecting waiting room chairs. For example, loveseats are perfect for therapist offices that see couples while tandem seating helps offices with small waiting areas fit in more guests. Side and armless chairs are the most common seating options used in waiting rooms. For maximum comfort, pick units with padded seats and backrests. Choose a fully upholstered club chair for an executive lounge. Such plush seats are also ideal for offices with long waiting times.

Sofas are just as plush as club chairs and can accommodate more people. They serve as lounge seating and give waiting rooms a relaxing feel. For less formal reception seating, consider benches. Benches, tandem seats, and beam seats are excellent options for offices that see lots of guests. To find extra seating on busy days, get some stacking and nesting chairs for the reception area. These are easy to move and store and don’t take up a lot of storage space.

Consider frame and upholstery materials when shopping for office guest chairs

Wood and metal are the materials commonly used for the frames of waiting room seats. Wooden chairs are sturdy and give reception areas a warm, homely feel. They’re best for traditional and contemporary decors and available in other color options besides brown. Select units with a wood grain finish to elevate the overall look of the waiting area. Chairs with metal frames are equally sturdy and best for modern office decors. These use tubular steel and aluminum frames and are lighter than wooden units.

Upholstery material options for guest seating include leather, faux leather, vinyl, fabric, and mesh. Leather is a supple, premium material. Choose leather seats for executive lounges or reception areas that receive few guests. Faux leather and vinyl look like genuine leather. They’re better suited for high-traffic receptions, more affordable, and easier to maintain. Their non-porous surfaces also make them spill and stain-resistant. Fabric and mesh are breathable upholstery materials. Fabric covers are soft and available in different colors and patterns. The sieve-like surface of the mesh improves airflow and keeps guests cool during long waits.

What ergonomic features should you look for in office guest chairs?

Ergonomic guest chairs must have amply cushioned seats, backrests, and armrests. Lumbar support is another key feature of such seats. It encourages proper seating postures and minimizes back pain. Look for chairs with waterfall seats when shopping for ergonomic office guest chairs. Waterfall seat edges don’t press hard on the back of the knees and improve blood flow to the legs.

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