Treatment tank | Medical cabinet

  Nowadays people’s living standard is getting higher and higher, but many people are in a state of over-nutrition or sub-health because they have not formed a regular living habit. Most people have a cold or cough, in addition to going to the hospital, some will choose to go to the hospital for medicine.
  Therefore, in addition to outpatient service, pharmacy should be the place with the largest workload and customer flow. A pharmacy counter with qualified quality and reasonable design is the key to the normal operation of pharmacy. So, what’s a good material for a pharmacy counter? What about the price? Take a look:
  First of all, pharmacy counters are mainly used to store drugs, so in the design, we must ensure that there are enough drawers to make the counter surface farewell messy. The whole needs to follow the principle of rugged, clear classification, safe and tasteless, some due to space constraints, but also need to be able to freely combine.
  Additional, material choice goes up, have the advantage of the stainless steel material of the west medicine ark of steel and real ligneous Chinese medicine ark, the advantage of the stainless steel material of the west medicine ark is, firm and durable, and the drawer can use high permeable design, let take more convenient, the shortcoming is much Chinese medicine store is unsuitable. The Chinese medicine cabinet is made of solid wood, elegant and beautiful, with many drawers, which can keep the medicinal materials sealed, but it is still difficult to maintain. Solid wood products have high requirements for moisture and temperature, so that different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  Finally, about the price of pharmacy counter, the price must be different according to different materials. Solid wood material needs more professional and complex technology, so the price is high. The steel western medicine cabinet is not only cheap, but also easy to take care of, so it is more cost-effective and more people choose it.

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