Treatment room furniture configuration

  The treatment room is used for infusion and other treatment liquid medicine configuration, should be set near the nurse station. The room has cleanliness requirements, can use ultraviolet disinfection or other disinfection methods, if conditions can be set up clean table for dispensing.
  The main configurations are:
  ① Dispensing area: it is used for drug storage and configuration. A wide dispensing table is set for easy operation by nurses. Storage cabinets are set above to store medical supplies, etc. The lower storage cabinet can store physiological saline, glucose and other intravenous fluids (drugs storage should be classified and divided, avoid mixing).
  ② Reserve parking space for the treatment car.
  ③ A refrigerator is set in the dispensing area for storing refrigerated drugs and biological agents, etc.
  Set up the wash basin, induction faucet, easy to clean before and after the operation.
  ⑤ Front room: the area where the nurse conducts garbage disposal and treatment car disinfection before entering the dispensing area after completing infusion. Set up a pool, garbage can classification, sharp tool box storage area. The front room is set in the dispensing room, which is conducive to clean division and meets the requirements of the dispensing room.

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