The misunderstanding of buying hospital furniture

  The medical furniture used in the hospital is rich in variety and style, and the structural methods of supporting composition are also different. In order to meet the demand of use between doctor and patient, so it is important to the choice of furniture, hospital many hospital furniture buyers when choosing a hospital furniture just don’t know where to start, and they were afraid to choose to inappropriate hospital furniture, hospital furniture humanized design is actually very important, in the choose and buy when, can have what mistake? The following will be introduced to you:
  1, the more cheap price is the worse, the more expensive the better, the quality of what price on behalf of, such understanding is fault, hospital furniture of choose and buy quality can not rely on price alone resolution, also not the cheaper the more bad, some cheap hospital furniture quality is guaranteed but due to the use of material is simple, the processing is not very difficult, That’s why the price is so cheap.
  2. In order to save costs, we do not seek reputable manufacturers to buy high-quality brand hospital furniture. Although not only brand manufacturers can have high-quality hospital furniture, brand manufacturers can ensure that the hospital you buy has relevant safety testing and quality guarantee.
  3. The hospital furniture bought is brightly colored, which can change the image of the hospital, but it does not take into account that such brightly colored furniture may often exceed the standard of formaldehyde. When buying, it does not pay attention to whether the taste of the above is harsh, which is the fundamental method to detect whether formaldehyde exceeds the standard.

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