The important role of hospital furniture procurement engineer

  Today, Shandong Guozhijing medical furniture manufacturer will introduce the important role of hospital furniture procurement engineers. Procurement engineers even participate in the production and supply design of suppliers earlier, further improve the cost control mode, early intervention procurement, synchronous planning procurement. Let’s take a look!
  The important role of hospital furniture procurement engineer
  It is very important for procurement engineers to participate in the design and development of hospital furniture, which can improve the bargaining power of procurement engineers in all aspects of suppliers and reduce procurement costs. And easy to establish long-term and close cooperation with suppliers. More conducive to simplify the process of both sides, increase information transparency, reduce the cost of the process. This can improve the reasonable profit and enthusiasm of suppliers.
  Procurement engineers can reduce the number of suppliers during the bidding stage of hospital furniture design and reduce the number of suppliers through procurement strategy. The supplier structure is analyzed in detail, and the supply strategies of “exclusive supply”, “exclusive supply”, “double supply” and “multiple supply” are determined. Fewer suppliers, low procurement risk, strong controllability, support the development and integration of suppliers, emphasizing survival of the fittest. Promote supplier development. Double track system supply, from beginning to end the introduction of full competition. Constantly reduce procurement costs. The procurement of first-class hospitals can help suppliers increase profits and reduce costs. The procurement of second-rate hospitals reduces costs by reducing internal costs of hospitals, while the procurement of third-rate hospitals reduces costs by squeezing the unit price of suppliers.
  The above is shandong Guozhijing medical furniture manufacturer for you to introduce the important role of hospital furniture procurement engineers, I hope to help you!
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