The Difference Between Stone Aluminum Honeycomb Panel and Stone Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

With stone as building decoration materials, can create a gorgeous and elegant, beautiful decorative surface of the atmosphere, all kinds of stone decoration materials have been popular in the market. Stone honeycomb panel is an ideal decorative material which can not only maintain the decorative texture of natural stone but also improve the safety of stone decoration. The stone honeycomb panel has the characteristics of light weight and can meet all kinds of modeling design.

Stone aluminum honeycomb panel is a new composite material with sandwich structure, which is composed of two layers of aluminum plate from top to bottom through adhesive and aluminum honeycomb core composite material. Stonework aluminum honeycomb panels are usually coated with fluorocarbon or polyester coatings, which are widely used outdoors due to their good weather resistance and self-cleaning properties, while polyester coatings are used indoors. Stone aluminum honeycomb panel can be made of light weight, high strength, good rigidity, the plate is very flat, can be used for structure, cushion, partition and decoration occasions, such as can be used for curtain wall, building partition, acoustic panels, ships, cars and so on. In addition to the quality of the selected material, the stone aluminum honeycomb panel mainly depends on the welding quality and the peel strength of the key technical indicators.

Features of stone aluminum honeycomb panel:

1, light weight, small installation load;

2, high flatness, not easy deformation, high safety factor;

3, with good sound absorption performance, heat insulation performance;

4. Compared with stone aluminum honeycomb panel, the cost is low, but the weight per square meter is larger.

5, more ornamental.

Stone honeycomb aluminum plate is made of 5-7mm natural stone and aluminum honeycomb plate, and equipped with special installation system, easy and quick installation. In order to meet the market demand, Valison also develops stone honeycomb panels. The stone honeycomb panel adopts special surface treatment to create the decorative surface of imitation stone, which can imitate the texture of all kinds of stone to meet the diverse decorative needs.

Stone honeycomb panel has the following characteristics:

1, light weight: the thinnest marble composite plate can only 5mm thick (and aluminum honeycomb plate composite). Commonly used composite tiles or granite, also only about 12mm thick, transportation saves a lot of costs, it is the best choice for the building has load limits.

2, strength improvement: marble and ceramic tile, granite, aluminum honeycomb plate composite, its bending, bending, shear strength is significantly improved, greatly reducing the damage rate in the process of transportation, installation, use.

3, anti-pollution ability to improve: ordinary marble original board (full body board) in the installation process or later in the use of the process, such as wet cement paste, it is likely to be half a year or a year later, marble surface a variety of different discoloration and stains, very difficult to remove. Composite panels, with a harder and denser bottom and a thin layer of glue, avoid this.

4. It is easier to control the color difference: because the marble composite board is cut into 3 or 4 pieces with 1m2 original board (whole body board) into 3m2 or 4m2. The pattern of this 3, 4m2 and color are almost 100% the same, so it is easier to ensure the consistency of its color and pattern when large area is used.

5, easy installation: because of the above characteristics, in the installation process, regardless of weight, easy to break (strength, etc.) or color splicing has greatly improved the installation efficiency and safety, but also reduce the installation cost.

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