The Advantages of Hospital Wallboard

The Advantages of Hospital Wallboard

Hospital wall board role advantage one: antibacterial performance.

Because many patients in the hospital are more likely to breed bacteria, so pay attention to the antibacterial properties of the plate when choosing the plate. Improper material selection is easy to make patients infected with bacteria, and the surface of the hospital clapboard is coated with antibacterial paint, which has better antibacterial performance. In addition, because the surface is smooth, dust is not easy to adhere to bacteria is not easy to reproduce.

Advantages of hospital wall board two: has good fire performance.

Hospital daily flow is too large patients often need to be disinfected and cleaned, if the waterproof performance of hospital decoration materials is not good, it is easy to breed bacteria and even lead to bacterial infection patients. Hospital wallboard not only has strong anti-corrosion and antibacterial ability, but also passed the water resistance test. It is defined as a high-quality board with good waterproof performance, so it is suitable for use in hospitals, nursing homes, operating rooms and other humid places.

Advantages of hospital wallboard three:

Hospital as a special place for decoration plate requirements are very high, the hospital wallboard is non-combustible material calcium silicate board as the base material and the use of unique manufacturing methods, in the base material not only no asbestos components do not contain radioactive elements, but also no benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances so particularly suitable for the use of hospital decoration. Such boards can be very good to ensure the hospital’s clean and antibacterial environment. Secondly, the cost of cheap hospital wallboard is much lower than that of natural stone and large ceramic tiles, so it is very suitable for hospital decoration in terms of economic benefits.

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