Structural Design Advantage of Honeycomb Aluminum Plate

With the rapid development of honeycomb aluminum plate, there must be internal or external advantages over other building decoration materials. It is the necessary premise to make full use of the potential of honeycomb aluminum plate and design architectural decoration works combining technology and art.

Green building materials with high recovery rate

Honeycomb aluminum can be regarded as a construction material with high recovery rate. The recycling rate of honeycomb aluminum plate commonly used in construction can reach more than 75% after being abandoned. Honeycomb aluminum plate will not pollute the environment in the use process, and can be recycled with a high recovery rate after being abandoned, without bringing pressure to the environment. It can be said that it is a green environmental protection material worthy of the name. In today’s increasingly prominent energy and environmental problems, this characteristic of honeycomb aluminum plate is particularly valuable.

Weather resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, with a long service life

Honeycomb aluminum plate has good weather resistance, durability and corrosion resistance, so compared with other materials, it has a long service life. The architectural decoration formed by the honeycomb aluminum plate can even obtain a synchronized life cycle with the main structure of the building. Because of its advantages such as long service life, no need to change or maintain frequently, and cost effectiveness, honeycomb aluminum panels are widely used in buildings with service life of more than 50 years.

Light weight, high strength, small load, conducive to the fine development of building components

Compared with the traditional building materials, the honeycomb aluminum plate has the outstanding advantages of light weight and high strength. Therefore, the combination of honeycomb aluminum plate and modern light building structure can greatly reduce the overall load of the building, which is conducive to the fine development of building structural components, but also bring more flexible and free development space for the building.

Prefabricated assembly construction, shorten the construction period

Honeycomb aluminum plate is easy to be processed and produced on a large scale because of its many characteristics. High-precision mechanical prefabrication enables it to complete most of the work in the factory, while in the construction site only through simple connection assembly assembly, very convenient construction. The assembly construction without wet operation greatly reduces the construction period. At the same time, large-scale mechanical processing and reduce the cost of labor, improve its economy.

Have strong modeling ability

Honeycomb aluminum plate has the characteristics of strong toughness and good ductility. Compared with other materials, it is easy to zigzagging and has good plastic deformation ability. And the honeycomb aluminum plate will not weaken its strength because of the surface of the bending torsion, and there is no need to worry about the situation of breaking in the case of external force like stone and glass. Super curve shaping ability makes honeycomb aluminum plate has quite strong modeling ability, can adapt to all kinds of bending, breaking, twisting and other complex architectural forms, to create a variety of architectural modeling.

The form is numerous, the color is rich, the surface luster, the texture is diverse

The rich processing technology makes the honeycomb aluminum plate has many material forms, L – shaped plate, U – shaped plate, arc plate, curved plate to punching plate. From rusting and rough to fine and smooth surface effect, from authentic silver to brilliant red, yellow, blue, purple, etc., honeycomb aluminum plate has a variety of surface texture, texture and rich color…… These surface features make honeycomb aluminum panels exhibit strong visual expression in architectural decoration.

Endowing architecture with fashionable, avant-garde and capable inner temperament

As a kind of new building materials conforming to The Times, honeycomb aluminum panel has been quite distinctive characteristics of The Times since its appearance, which is obviously different from other building materials in an industrialized image. Thus, it is easy to create a new era of fashion, avant-garde, capable, rich sense of science and technology and the sense of the future of the architectural image, endowing it with a modern atmosphere and elegant inner temperament.

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