Reasonable application of wallboard in decoration

  What are the advantages of wainscoting?
  1. Good wear resistance
  Compared with common metope or wallpaper, the wear resistance of wallboard is better, the time that uses is longer also.
  2, the material used by high-grade clapboard not only looks good, the surface of the three-dimensional sense is very strong, and exquisite carving, instant upgrade grade.
  3, thermal insulation
  The thermal conductivity of the wall panel is not very good, the room installed with the wall panel, can ensure that the home is warm in winter and cool in summer.
  4, radiation protection
  Clapboard contains a kind of chemical composition that calls lignin, can absorb ultraviolet ray, because this clapboard has the function that prevents radiation.
  5, good insulation wall panel itself can match the sound insulation effect of the wall, the installation of the wall panel in the bedroom, can ensure that the family rest better.
  6, adjust the humidity
  The wainscoting is made of wood, so it can absorb moisture from the air to some extent and regulate the humidity of the air.

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