Nursing station furniture selection

How to choose an environmentally friendly and high-quality nursing station? It is not a small problem for the use of hospital logistics personnel. Why is it a problem? As the saying goes, every line is like a mountain. But it’s easy to do it the right way.

First, it’s best to find a company that specializes in making hospital furniture. A slightly larger branded hospital furniture company. Such as Shandong Guozhijing Furniture Co., LTD. In this way, the service and product quality are guaranteed. Give each other the floor plan of the room where the nurse station needs to be placed (if there is no floor plan, you can ask each other to measure the general professional regular companies have this service). Ask the other party to design the map according to the actual situation on site. More commonly used are “L”, “U” and “round” nurse stations.

After making a good design and choosing a good style, it is the choice of material. Main body cabinet material has electrolytic board and paint board to bake commonly two kinds. The 3 armour hospital that former asks high is used more price is on the high side. The latter due to the price moderate choice of customers are more. It is mesa material choice next. The material of the table is mainly paint table, quartz stone table, composite acrylic table and pure acrylic table. The price is increasing. Lacquer mesa is more economical and practical to meet most

The needs of the hospital. Higher requirements can be selected in line with the acrylic table, its corrosion resistance, as well as the advantages of good integrity of the table no gap for many customers to choose.

Finally is the business service, we must choose the strength of good service business. Because the installation of customized products after sale is also very important. Business has chosen generally won’t have worries!

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