Nurses station | Nurses workbench

The nurses’ station, also known as the nurses’ workbench, is one of the essential infrastructure of a hospital, as well as the facade of the hospital, often representing the class and taste of the hospital. The nurse workbench is generally set in the center of the hall on the first floor of the hospital, where patients can see it at a glance, in order to provide timely and convenient medical services for patients. So is the nurses’ station really important? How to choose? Let’s take a look.

In addition to the basic function of the common nurse station workbench, it should also have the necessary corrosion resistance function, it is to avoid the medical staff will spill drugs into the nurse station workbench, if not properly handled, will be on the table of erosion, affect the appearance of the medical station workbench. Some nurse station workstations also have large storage space, which makes it easier for medical staff to store and separate medications from each hospital ward.

On the role of the nurse station, we should know how much some, in fact, it is according to the nature of the hospital is not the same, the use of the nurse station workbench type are not the same, some nurses station workbench in addition to the need for corrosion resistant materials as a table, but also need to have a certain antistatic effect.

Nurse station workbench is an essential equipment in hospital, which immediately affects the overall image of the hospital and brings great convenience to the medical staff.

Clean nurse station workbench is to satisfy the customer’s general workbench function, improve the antistatic function, that is, how to discharge electrostatic induction. Clean table is a layer. Flow part of the air purification equipment, the use of adjustable exhaust air volume centrifugal fan system, after adjusting the centrifugal fan workbench, can make the clean working area of the wind has been maintained in the range of interests, according to the customer requirements of weapons and equipment pressure gauge, can master the change of friction resistance of the filter device anytime and anywhere.

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