Nurse station | Nursing station furniture design

  A nurse station, as its name implies, is a hospital furniture designed for nurses to do medical work and guide patients. Generally, the front desk we see at the entrance of the hospital or outpatient clinic is the nurse’s station, which not only represents the culture and image of the hospital, but also gives people a warm, comfortable, cordial and natural feeling.
  Nursing station furniture design has been pursuing warm and comfortable, harmonious coexistence with the surrounding environment, giving people a feeling of amiable, practical and clean. The design should be neat and generous, reasonable size and practical, style and color should be designed according to interior decoration. In this respect, Wynn furniture has the best say.
  The nurse station can be divided into straight line nurse station, arc nurse station and U type nurse station according to the shape.
  1. Linear nurse station: mainly used for floors above 2 floors, which can be seen in hospital inpatient building and physical examination building
  2. Arc-shaped nurse station: mainly used in hospital or outpatient hall, representing the image of the hospital. It also has large and small specifications, generally small as a guide table.
  3. U-shaped nurse station: mainly used in the hall on the first floor of inpatient department and other examination floors.

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