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  Nurse workstation is the field of nursing personnel office, let the nursing staff from the daily busy running characters, pull out, beat the nurse station in intelligent control system, applicable for 24 hours continuous maintenance services, the demand in furniture design function on the pursuit of perfect, enrich the function of the system software, To ensure the speed and safety of the nursing station. From the perspective of medical network security protection, it is also very critical. From the perspective of patients, the nurse station is also very critical to build an open hospital brand image.
  With the rapid development of social development, the indoor space of the hospital has been better regulated. The nurse station has been gradually separated from the decoration, and the systematic formulation and industrialized manufacturing have made the indoor environment of the hospital greatly improved. As the gate and visual brand image of the hospital, the tailored nurse station is indispensable.
  Nurse station not only take patients to entertain, inquiry, complete the form, and other functions, separation, or medical personnel key interior space, the work of the nurse station functional design, closely integrated with the hospital internal conditions and the overall color, and according to the given the nurse station design, delivery, such as one-stop service, to patients and medical staff to build a warm and cozy environment.
  There are also many styles and materials of nurse workstations. What we commonly use in our daily life is the nurse workstations we see in hospitals. Apart from the convenient normal office of medical staff, we should also have certain storage space to store patients’ drugs and experimental reagents. The nurse workstation should also have certain corrosion resistance to prevent the erosion of the nurse workstation caused by the scattering of experimental reagents. We have several types of nurse workstations, the quality is reliable, you can feel at ease to use.

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