Nurse station furniture design scheme should be standardized

  A few days ago, we shared a number of articles related to the nurses’ station. Today xiaobian again to show you the corresponding professional knowledge of the nurse station.
  A nurse’s station, in plain English, is hospital furniture designed to do medical work for the nursing staff and to guide the patients properly. Generally, the reception we see at the entrance gate of the hospital or hospital outpatient department is the nurse’s station, which not only represents the humanism and brand image of the hospital, but also gives people a warm, comfortable and close feeling.
  Nursing station furniture design has been the pursuit of perfect warm and comfortable, harmonious coexistence with the surrounding environment, give people approachable, safe and clean feeling. The design scheme should be clean and tidy, the specifications and models should be effective and easy to use, and the style and color should be designed according to the house decoration.
  The nurse station can be divided into parallel line nurse station, arc type and U type according to its appearance.
  1, linear nurse station: mostly used for buildings of more than 2 floors, generally visible hospital inpatient department and routine physical examination building can be seen.
  2. Arc-shaped nurse station: it is mainly used in hospitals or outpatient service halls of hospitals to represent the brand image of hospitals. It also has large and small size specifications, generally small and medium-sized as a guide table.
  3. U-shaped nurse station: mainly used in the service hall on the first floor of inpatient office and other medical treatment buildings.
  The enterprise has been pursuing perfection and product development personalized and systematic nurse station. From the overall pattern and function to every part and key point, no way is not the painstaking idea and belief of wynn furniture interior designers. Only cater to the requirements of human nature, in line with the application of technical professional provisions, can give customers a stronger feeling, improve the work efficiency of medical staff.

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