Nurse station decoration should pay attention to which several places

  1. Good ventilation and lighting.
  2, line of sight, convenient to observe the nursing unit in each ward activities.
  3. Reasonable nursing radius and reasonable consideration of wards.
  4. Located in the middle of the nursing unit, with the nurse station as the core, all the wards are arranged around the nursing unit. It is characterized by reasonable nursing radius of nursing unit, medical staff can easily reach each ward, convenient observation of patients. This arrangement is suitable for strip plane and is widely used in practical engineering.
  5. The nurse stations are scattered in the nursing unit. Two or more nurse stations are arranged in a nursing unit, which are divided into several different nursing groups. This mode has the shortest nursing distance and the highest efficiency.
  These functional requirements are also indispensable
  I. Working platform for nurses
  Medical records classification, advice processing, medical dispensing, data storage, information workstation.
  Ii. Doctor-patient platform
  Patient reception, inquiry, medical guidance, procedure description, matters needing attention.
  Iii. Medical platform for patients
  Handling admission procedures, demanding payment of hospitalization fees, accepting inquiries and checks.
  Iv. Image display platform
  The whole hospital environment is harmonious and varied
  In the nurses’ station, full consideration should be given to the placement of medical equipment and items, as well as the relative privacy and aesthetics of this area. Reserve storage facilities for nurses’ stations; The storage space of the nurse station is increased, while the area of the nurse station is reduced, and the working area of the nurse station is increased.

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