Mistakes in filing cabinet procurement


Some customers only purchase once every few years. Because the time is too long, people have changed several times, so each time the acquisition personnel are different. In addition, they may not be professionals, lack of expertise and experience, it is difficult to ensure the quality and quality of steel file cabinet products purchased. How to choose a good steel filing cabinet and steel filing cabinet in the acquisition process are some common mistakes, in view of these problems, furniture to give you answer

1. Blindly value brand names

Brand is very important, especially after people’s living conditions are better, they pay more attention to the added brand value of products. About this, we think we can value, but do not be too blind, many brands are played by advertising, and there is no real strength, distinguish this really is to spend a little effort.

2.Too much emphasis on regional

Many customers think that large products such as steel filing cabinets should choose local, so that later service is more convenient, also makes sense, but if you buy a defective product in the local, looking for after-sales every day is also very heart. It is better to choose a good file cabinet manufacturer and buy good products at a time. Now the national logistics is very convenient and after-sales is not a problem at all.

3. Focusing too much on price

The price and value of steel file cabinet products are proportional to each other. A good steel file cabinet product is not only robust and beautiful, but also has its own common product concept, which is of civilized value. Many customers think it is not a cabinet of documents, you say so mysterious, but you have to do, “a price a goods”, file cabinet occupation is also the same. Besides, the price of a good and bad file cabinet is a drop in the ocean, many enterprises are not bad for this money, why not spend the money has not bought a good file cabinet products!

4. Go to the furniture city

There are furniture cities all over the country, a wide variety of products, can be very selective. However, the general high-end products will not enter the furniture city, because the furniture city is a local price competition, high-end brands are not willing to drop their brand style. So, if you want to buy high-end file cabinets, it’s better to go to the file cabinet manufacturer.

5. Buy quick delivery or off-the-shelf products

About the bulk file cabinet product acquisition, if you want to have their own characteristics of the product, so customized is better, can according to the requirements of the company’s own characteristics, more common. Must not in order to figure fast and directly buy spot, because of the purchase of large quantities regret is difficult to deal with, unlike zero buy, do not want to calculate

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