Method of Testing the Quality of Office Furniture

Method of testing the quality of office furniture first, the inspection of the functional part of office furniture

The function of office furniture is its main output value. Similarly, taking the desk as an example, drawers, active cabinets, host frame, cable trough, screen and so on are all functional parts. Drawers should be solid and firm, and screws should be tightened inside. Might as well pull open the door of drawer, mobile desktop, cupboard to wait for each part, ensure can apply freely, and correct connection.

Two methods of testing the quality of office furniture. Reverse inspection of the bottom of office furniture

It’s not enough to examine office furniture from the front, it should also be turned upside down and viewed from the bottom to better see some easily overlooked details. It’s still a desk. Check from the bottom. See if the joints are reinforced with screws and wedges? Are the slats tightly connected to the crossstop buckle? Seams free of excess glue and filler.

Method of testing the quality of office furniture three, the inspection method of office furniture material

Material inspection is mainly to identify the true and false material and good and bad, it is the basis of quality, so to check first. If it is solid wood, in the case of knowing the suitable tree species, to see whether it is true, do not look at the surface, to see the section; In addition, we should check whether the wood is twisted or wormhole. If there are any, the quality is not good. The thickness that metallic material pledges basically sees metal is even, have without deformation to wait.

Methods of testing the quality of office furniture four, the inspection of the structural safety of office furniture

The structure of office furniture is related to the overall quality and safety. Many people are easy to ignore the inspection of the structure, which often finds problems in the later use. Structure is a general, but the observation is details, first look at the symmetry of the structure, for example, a desk, we should take the middle as the baseline to see whether the parts on both sides are complete symmetry; And then look at the structure line is smooth, so you can confirm the quality of the desk structure.

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