Medical out-patient area furniture configuration

The medical outpatient department is mainly used to receive and inquire patients and their families, to inquire, receive, refer, guide medicine, guide the role of the hospital as a whole receive and allocate, guide medical treatment is more important link. It saves time and efficiency for patients to accurately seek medical treatment, check and send for examination, and also improves work efficiency for doctors to receive medical treatment and saves medical resources.

The out-patient department is the first area for initial diagnosis, examination and treatment of patients. Through a series of diagnostic methods and auxiliary examinations, outpatient doctors make a preliminary diagnosis and give symptomatic treatment to patients. If patients need to be hospitalized according to their condition, they will be admitted to the inpatient ward for in-depth examination, diagnosis or surgery, and later treatment.

Patients first enter the outpatient hall from the outside of the hospital, and then enter the waiting area, specialist consultation room, examination room, treatment room, etc. Each functional space has different needs for medical furniture. In practical application, corresponding furniture configuration should be selected according to its different functional characteristics of medical space. In beautiful, comfortable, safe, practical, pollution resistance, operability and other aspects will also have corresponding requirements. In addition, the configuration of medical furniture should meet the different functional needs of medical workers, patients and escorts: medical staff are frequent users of medical furniture, and they hope to optimize the working process through the setting of furniture in addition to the requirements of comfort, robustness and practicality. Patients and nursing staff have not only functional needs for medical furniture, but also comfort and humanization needs. Therefore, the design of medical furniture is particularly important.

The main medical furniture in the outpatient area includes: consultation guide table, triage table, nurse station, waiting chair, doctor’s desk and chair, patient chair, examination bed, treatment car, treatment cabinet, medical curtain, dressing file cabinet, storage cabinet, bill cabinet, workbench, wash basin cabinet, aseptic trash can, etc. For specific design solutions, you can consult Henan Saiford Medical Technology Co., LTD., the overall solution provider of medical furniture, which is mainly engaged in the production and sales of medical furniture and medical furniture. The main products include: Nurse station work table, hospital bed, nursing bed, treatment table, Chinese and Western medicine cabinet, stainless steel cart, stretcher bed, operation transport vehicle, etc., can provide one-stop overall supporting facilities for medical and nursing institutions.

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