The configuration and design of hospital furniture are beyond your imagination!

Design process of medical furniture

The design of medical furniture should be combined with the overall design of medical architecture, which is a complex and comprehensive project

Application of medical furniture

1. The relationship between medical furniture and space

Medical furniture has the function of cutting space, organizing space, organizing people flow and expanding space.

2. Modeling analysis of medical furniture

Furniture modeling is an expression of beauty for designers, it reflects a certain visual tendency, is an important embodiment of the spiritual function of products with visual appearance. How to measure the success of a product design, whether the spiritual function expressed by the product modeling can adapt to the spiritual needs of users is one of the important factors, that is, the spiritual function of furniture modeling can be integrated with the overall environment, so that the environmental space, furniture and furnishings can be integrated.

The modeling analysis of medical furniture mainly includes four aspects: point, line, surface and body.

Point: a single point plays the role of visual center on the plane. If the furniture has only a large surface, it will appear dull and monotonous. At this time, you need to use points or other things to increase changes.

Line: lines extending in different directions in space give people different psychological feelings. The line perpendicular to the plane can give people a sense of straightness, which can make the low space appear tall. The plane line stretches the width, and the curve is rich in changes in space, which can make the whole space more flexible. Curvilinear furniture can give a person with light graceful spring sex appeal, adornment sex is very strong, build sweet space.

Surface: the plane is steady and dignified, while the surface is varied and rich. In the medical environment, furniture modeling adopts large pieces of design, in order to reflect the overall, simple, generous and other visual experience in the space. Few furniture shapes are composed of small pieces of furniture, because small pieces of furniture shape is too jumping, easy to cause mood fluctuations of patients, at the same time, too many pieces of furniture are easy to produce clean dead angle.

Body: it is a three-dimensional form composed of different sides of length, width and height. The solid is the part with plate on the plane, and the concave part and the glass part are the virtual body. Different combinations of virtual and real will produce different visual effects and use functions. In the office of hospital, different furniture combinations of virtual and real are used to divide the space. Glass partition as solid furniture blocks the interference of sound, but also does not hinder the permeability of the space.

3. Color analysis of medical furniture

(1) Color is the catalyst of emotion. People are subjective in the visual aspect of color, especially in the space, people’s emotional color can always play a regulating role, so the rational color combination of space furniture is particularly important in the space design of outpatient room.

(2) There are two kinds of space colors, one is called “front color” high saturation warm color, such as: yellow, orange, red, the other is called “back color” low saturation cold color, such as: blue and green. Color matching often appears in medical furniture design.

(3) In the hospital between the floor and the Department can be considered through the furniture color design, the use of slight color difference, and its own color attributes to distinguish.

(4) Western countries use a lot of light yellow in the warm color system in space and furniture. This kind of color matching can strengthen the affinity of the environment and create a family atmosphere. However, the lack of heavy color in the overall environment will lead to a slightly frivolous overall environment.

4. Material selection of medical furniture

At present, wood, wood-based panel, steel, plastic and soft materials are the main materials for furniture selection.

Wood: wood is a renewable biomaterial with rich natural texture, luster and tone. Good insulation performance, as a natural material, wood has high affinity for human body, material has a certain strength, easy processing; It has good air permeability, but it is easy to absorb moisture and release moisture, resulting in expansion and contraction. It must be properly dried and moisture proof, and it has poor resistance to diseases and insects and fire resistance, so it needs to be properly treated.

Wood based panels: products made of wood or some non plant based materials and pressed with glue, adhesive or other additives after mechanical processing. Wood based panels include plywood, particleboard and fibreboard. There are more than 100 kinds of extended products and deep processed products.

Steel: as an industrial material, metal is far superior to wood in shear strength, tensile strength, toughness, elasticity and other mechanical properties. Metal furniture is firm and durable, easy to use, easy to clean and maintain. Metal materials are easy to form contrast, organic and harmonious unity with other materials of different texture and color (such as wood, glass, plastic, fabric, leather, etc.).

Plastic: there are many kinds of plastic furniture as a new type of furniture, but it can be basically divided into two types: thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic plastics. The color of plastic furniture is very rich, and the bright visual effect brings rich and colorful visual enjoyment to users.

Soft material: the type of furniture mainly made of elastic material and soft material, such as sofa, bed, etc. The use of soft materials in furniture can increase the contact surface between human body and furniture, reduce the pressure feeling caused by furniture on the part of human body, and slow down the discomfort of human body in the use of furniture.

Medical furniture design

We have been discussing what kind of furniture the hospital environment needs? Different people have different answers to this question. We have been discussing what kind of furniture the hospital environment needs. Buyers often ask for meeting the needs of the hospital, higher cost performance, simple and convenient use, etc; Ordinary people often ask for large tolerance, easy cleaning, anti infection, and creating a good use environment. As medical furniture, the real humanistic needs are to reduce the psychological pressure of patients, calm the mood and ease the mood.

Public space: the design of nurse station, triage table and the decoration style of the hospital are unified with each other. Combined with the demand, the internal use space is reasonably arranged, and the fashionable and simple modeling design becomes the local highlight, and also improves the brand image of the hospital.
Public space
Consulting room: patients want to get clear diagnosis results and satisfactory treatment plan, and create a friendly and pleasant environment with relative privacy; It should be equipped with medical isolation curtain, diagnosis bed, simple and durable furniture materials, local high-grade furniture materials as embellishment, and light color tone in color to calm the patient’s mood.
Consulting room
Ward: patients have a strong desire to cure the disease and return to healthy people; To create a safe and comfortable environment, furniture materials should be family oriented as far as possible, and mild color matching should be used, which requires high safety performance of furniture.
Medical technology area: chemical resistant board, with excellent impact resistance and chemical resistance, is the best choice for experimental desktop materials. Chemical resistant board has the characteristics of impact resistance, wear resistance, water resistance, flame resistance and firmness. With the convenience of easy processing and construction, it can not only keep the equipment as new, but also create the ideal experimental environment according to the demand.

Training and meeting space:
Training and meeting space
The design trend of medical furniture

1、 The theoretical research level of medical furniture design in China is still in its infancy. Most of the design is based on the use needs encountered in the work, and does not take into account the interdependence and mutual influence between medical furniture and space environment, medical furniture and medical furniture, medical furniture and users, etc., and lacks the design path of overall thinking.

2. Due to the particularity of medical furniture, the design method of medical furniture should start from the overall (macro) and local (micro) perspectives, and study the physiological and psychological needs of users for medical environment and the special effects of medical furniture, so as to meet the needs of users in all aspects and meet the needs of modern medical management and service system, To achieve the real sense of “people-oriented” humanized design goals.

3. The field of medical furniture design is very broad. As long as we pay close attention to the needs of users, there will be a place to use. Therefore, “starting with the needs” is the main way of medical furniture design in the future.

4. The future design trend is still the design stage of light structure medical furniture product development, supplemented by intelligent medical furniture products. The cost of intelligent products is high, and the design principle of “economic and practical” is still the main consideration. It is urgent to solve the problems of limited hospital space, inconvenient users, high cost or high demand, which indicates the prospect of future design and focuses on the development of humanized multi-functional products.

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