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  Due to the different functions of medical furniture or the emergence of new materials, new technologies, new processes and new equipment, many different combination forms are needed to form different structural forms. Whether the combination is correct or not has a direct impact on the beauty, strength and processing of furniture, as well as the ease of use or handling.
  One, solid installation type structure
  Fixed structure is also known as non-disassembly type structure or assembly type structure, refers to the furniture between the parts of the main use of tenon combination, non-disassembly type connector combination, nail combination and adhesive combination, one-time assembly, strong and stable structure, can not be disassembled again, common solid wood companion chair and other medical furniture.
  Two, disassembly type structure
  Disassembly type structure is alsao called to be installed type structure, easy installation type structure or self-installation type structure. It is to point to furniture basically according to between each part “32mm” system, use all sorts of tear open outfit type connection to be united in wedlock, can tear open outfit and install for many times. Disassembly furniture is not only easy to design and production, and facilitate handling and transportation, but also reduce the floor area of production workshops and sales warehouses, assembled by users themselves. This mechanism is commonly used for various cabinet medical furniture, including chairs, stools, sofas, beds and tables.
  Three, folding structure
  It is to point to can fold into, fold put or the structure type of a kind of furniture that flip. Its main characteristic is to be able to fold up after using or when depositing, facilitate use, carry, deposit, transport, because this uses the companion chair at ward, stool, bed, sofa bed, desk and a few temporary sickbed or ark kind furniture to wait.
  Four, combined structure
  According to the different structure of the component unit, it can be divided into two types: component combination type and monomer combination type.
  Component combination type also known as general component type or standard block type, it is several agreed specifications of the general components through a certain assembly structure to form different forms and uses of furniture. For example, the office chair in medical furniture, its legs, air bladder, site, armrest and other parts are generally common parts or industry standard parts.
  Monomer combination is also called the building block, it is furniture can be divided into a number of small units, any one monomer can be used alone, can also be a few monomer on the height, width, and depth of mutual combination and into a new whole, not only convenient transportation assembly, covers an area of less, and can be on-demand portfolio, flexible style, strong adaptability, Cabinet furniture commonly used in treatment rooms, treatment rooms and wards.
  Five, scaffolding structure
  It refers to the structure type of furniture that is composed of various parts fixed at different heights of technical or wooden supports. The bracket can be supported, fixed to the floor, or fixed to the ceiling or wall. The structure is mainly used for making the medicine rack in the pharmacy and the article rack storing medical consumables in the supply room.
  Six, multi-purpose structure
  It is to point to the position of certain parts or join a form to adjust the furniture structure with respect to possible commutation utility slightly. The furniture that uses this kind of structure to make can one thing multi-purpose, cover an area of an area little, functional effect is much, the accompanying sofa bed that is like ward can be used as sofa worker to sit, also can make a bed to lie for a person to wait.

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