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A very easy to think of the scene, more and more unmanned services into the medical field, unmanned equipment how to integrate into the medical and nursing space, doctor-patient and unmanned equipment interaction and how full of “temperature”, these issues should be into the medical and nursing space players thinking.

At present, in the medical furniture industry, there are many small factories and few manufacturers with large-scale automatic production capacity. Enterprises with smart factories like Shengao undoubtedly have great advantages. In terms of manufacturing, IGolden has begun to explore intelligent manufacturing, but the degree of “intelligent” still has a lot of room for improvement. The landing of industrial Internet in the field of medical furniture production into intelligent is the goal pursued by the whole industry.

Another nots allow to ignore, is the focus of the stand in the perspective of ordinary people about health care cognition, in the past, only there will be a doctor when sick demand, now people pay more attention to healthy behavior and way of life, both pay attention to body health, also attaches great importance to the mental health and focus more on disease prevention, it also means that in the wisdom of the future medical era, Medical care space will no longer be confined to specific institutions, and its boundaries may enter our daily lives, ordinary families.

Let’s take a look at several existing cases, to see the doctor, physical examination, treatment, nursing, rehabilitation of health city, dubai and Singapore orchard road business center integrated health city, weina and Tokyo health square, the comprehensive health care facilities have started with People’s Daily lives.

In Japan, for example, Tokyo Health Plaza, which in addition to the 305-bed Okubo Hospital includes health clubs, a health care museum, offices and shops, feels like a bustling commercial center rather than a medical facility.

Under such a trend, the boundaries of smart health space and smart medical care space, which are integrated and co-existing with daily life, will be greatly expanded, and their connotations and values will also be reshaped.

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